About Me…

Welcome! I am a 37 year old first time Mum, and according to the NHS this makes me a geriatric Mother. I am okay with that.

This blog is (or will be) a collection of ramblings, covering my experiences with online dating, IVF, jealousy, maternity leave, mat-leave projects, and trying to nail the work/life balance, and wondering how on earth that’s going to ever be possible now that I am responsible for another human being, that hubster and I created, with a little help from a few doctors, some clever embryologists and a dash of luck. Easier said than done.

I met the man of my dreams back in 2012, with a little help of online dating. We moved to the North-West of England under a year later, married in 2014 after a relatively short engagement, and now have a gorgeous (obviously biased, but I couldn’t not say she was gorgeous) baby girl, who’s just a delight. Oh and two cats. We also have two cats.