Welcome to Mat Leave Mumsy! This blog can only be described as a collection of ramblings, covering a range of topics from online dating, to the ups and downs of IVF, jealousy, joy, pain and eventually getting used to parenthood, and all the trials and tribulations that comes with it.


About Me…

Welcome! I am a 37 year old first time Mum, and according to the NHS this makes me a geriatric Mother. I am okay with that.

This blog is (or will be) a collection of ramblings, covering my experiences with online dating, IVF, jealousy, maternity leave, mat-leave projects, and trying to nail the work/life balance, and wondering how on earth that’s going to ever be possible now that I am responsible for another human being, that hubster and I created, with a little help from a few doctors, some clever embryologists and a dash of luck. Easier said than done.

I met the man of my dreams back in 2012, with a little help of online dating. We moved to the North-West of England under a year later, married in 2014 after a relatively short engagement, and now have a gorgeous (obviously biased, but I couldn’t not say she was gorgeous) baby girl, who’s just a delight. Oh and two cats. We also have two cats.